Tell your callers what you want them to know about your business

We are the solution to ‘dead air’, the ‘wrong radio station’, and those annoying ‘beep beep’ tones on your telephone. Let us inform and educate your callers while they are waiting on-hold.

Tell your callers what you want them to know about your business.  What makes you different? When are you open? Talk about your products and services.

Turn your telephone ’hold’ time into a powerful business builder with Messages-On-Hold®.

We provide the most professional and personal service possible and use the latest digital playback equipment. It is compatible with all business telephone systems (KSUs and PBX).  EVEN IF YOU HAVE A 1, 2, 3, or 4 LINE RESIDENTIAL STYLE TELEPHONE, WE CAN TURN IT INTO A Messages-On-Hold® POWER HOUSE.  Just ask!

Our all-inclusive service means everything from initial consultation to no-charge installation and setup of our equipment at your business in the greater Calgary area.

(For customers outside Calgary, we will ship the equipment and production and provide free telephone support to get you hooked up and running. It may be necessary to schedule a service call with your local interconnect to have the phone system programmed for music-on-hold.  A one-time shipping charge will also apply).

The RIGHT CHOICE is Messages-On-Hold®.

Turn your telephone ‘hold time’ into a powerful business builder. The telephone is the key to customer relations and increased sales.

Inform, educate and entertain your customers with information about your business while they are waiting ‘on-hold’ for just a moment.

Let them know how you can make a difference!