Facts & Benefits

Our Digital On-Hold Audio Systems are the latest technology in ‘on-hold’ messaging.  Compatible with all KSU/PBX business systems and now with 1, 2, 3, or 4 line non-business systems.

Use ‘hold time’ to advertise your product lines and services.  Are your callers familiar with everything you offer?  If the answer is “No!”, then you are a candidate for Messages-On-Hold®

This is the perfect way to introduce new product lines, emphasize the services you offer and promote exclusive features.  Heighten customer awareness by announcing hours of operation, emergency numbers, different branch locations, all product lines and services.  Use ‘on-hold’ time as a viable alternative or compliment to marketing your company.

How much do you spend each year with ads in the “Yellow Pages”, business directories, radio and television campaigns and newspapers ads to attract people to call?  How do you treat them when you have to place them ‘on-hold’?  Provide fun-facts, information, education that they will not hear anywhere else.

While your callers are waiting on-hold (for just a moment) keep them feeling positive about your company as you tell them about your status in the business community.  Don’t be shy about your bragging rights in telling about your awards, recognition in the industry and even your “mission statement”.

Provide answers to the questions your receptionist and other telephone attendants spend the most time on; such as your address, business hours, fax number, web page address, directions on how to find you, etc.